2. September

Summer Tape #12 – Trulz&Robin

trulz robin synthvegg
Releasing music on TrunkFunk, Eskimo, Full Pupp and Rett i fletta and running Cymasonic records together with Arildo Dildo in Barcelona, Trulz & Robin are more bussy than ever. (more…)

27. August

Summer Tape #11 – Kimichi (vinyl speziale)


The analog touch has for decades been a solid connector in the norwegian club scene, and now a new generation DJs are supplying Oslo with boogie and disco. Kimichi is in the forefront of these productive vinyl trainspotters and an excellent dj touring mostly around Norway but also around the globe with his partners in Diskorama Records. (more…)

21. August

Summer Tape #10 – Per Martinsen

per martinsen

Per Martinsen is one of the early pioneers of norwegian club music. Already in 1989, he got signed to the legendary belgian label R&S under his still very active moniker MENTAL OVERDRIVE. (more…)