Bendik Baksaas [LIVE]

Electronic musician Bendik Baksaas loves mechanical repetition and cherishes the human rhythm.

A modular synthesizer by his design is the weapon of choice for any occasion. Being a versatile musician, Bendik jumps with ease between techno club nights, electronic reinterpretations of Norwegian folk music, and tension-evaporating ambient. Playful improvisations and consistent minimalism comprise his live sets. Tailoring the kick drum to the resonance of the room and introducing hi-hats when the dance floor needs fuel, Bendik plays dynamic and in tune with the crowd of the moment.

A series of acclaimed releases include the double album Duets that received Natt&Dags award for album of the year 2018. His duo withFredrik Høyer is a pillar in his musical practice, pioneering the field of performative poetry in interplay with minimal club music and ambient.Their mastodon project Til alt ute was released in 2019, comprising 26songs, redefining rap-poetry as a musical element in dancefloor-friendly electronic music