Julie Reistad

JULIE REISTAD (Desperate Housevibes)
Desperate housevibes is a monthly event @ Storgata 26 by Marcus M. Aarnseth and Julie Reistad.

Julie has gained experience from clubs in both Copenhagen and Paris. She closed one of the scenes at Distortion CPH 2019 and she has played at different clubs in Copenhagen the past years. She’s returning to Culture Box (Denmark`s most recognized club ) 22 April this year.
Here in Oslo she has played at most clubs, such as Jæger, Storgata 26, Karusell, The Villa, Kulturhuset, Dattera and Skaugum.


Dersom du setter pris på DUGNAD, bidra gjerne med en digital “inngangsbillett” her: http://fnd.uz/Kulturdugnad