Thorgerdur Johanna

Dersom du setter pris på DUGNAD – til støtte for klubb-artister som trenger økonomisk stønad for å komme seg gjennom koronakrisen, bidra gjerne med en digital “inngangsbillett” her:


Thorgerdur Johanna is an Icelandic DJ based in Oslo. She began playing records late 2014, had her first gig in 2015, and has since then proven herself as a great selector with a unique ability to curate groovy and engaging sets.

She loves traveling through different kinds of styles, exploring how they together create an effortless flow, focusing on the vibe rather than any specific style. In 2018 she started to produce together with her partner A:G and had her first release out in June 2018 which was well received in the scene. With a strong passion for electronic music, her style and connection with the crowd may be described as authentic and playful, coloured with sassy grooves.